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About art

Heartland’s art programme is created to show that contemporary art is relevant to everybody. The programme consists of different experiences and artworks that mix with the festival’s surroundings and visitors. All over Egeskov, you can experience the art as an integrated part of the different functions of the festival; as a surprising element, and as something you can take part in yourself.

At previous editions of Heartland we have presented large-scale art experiences, among others the exhibition It’s Urgent! by internationally acclaimed curator Hans Ulrich Obrist stand out. It was shown on advertising billboards placed, almost misplaced, in the middle of the festival ground. Another work of quite epic proportions was David Shrigley’s Swan Thing which was exhibited in the moat in front of Egeskov castle.

Atrium is Heartland’s art pavilion and –scene created by the Danish art duo AVPD. With its open and sharp architectural format, it sets the stage for the festival’s art programme. Here the audience can enter and become a part of the art. Among previously presented works we find the Virtual Reality work Peperit 2.0 by the Danish artist Sophie Hjerl. Atrium also hosts daily performances presented under the festival’s new performance programme Art & Audience. Here the central concepts are inclusion and interaction.

Common to all the art presented on Heartland is an ambition to push, or even to shift, our shared point of gravity just a bit – socially, culturally, existentially, or politically

See you at Heartland