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Heartland’s Talks program has established itself as one of the most esteemed stages for live conversations in Northern Europe. It is attended and followed by thousands of audiences, hundreds of journalists and has an outreach far surpassing events via TV, radio, and online media.

Heartland’s ambition is to engage its guests in the world by creating a contemporary cultural platform, where people can gain new perspectives on the transformation and developments in the world.

Heartland Talks has hosted some of the world’s greatest minds and artists since its start in 2016. Among others Salman Rushdie, Marina Abramović, Brian Eno, Slavoj Žižek, Werner Herzog, Michael Stipe, Tracey Emin, Jonathan Franzen, Vivienne Westwood, Judith Butler, Douglas Coupland, David Shrigley, Kim Gordon, Joshua Oppenheimer, Bjarke Ingels, and Olafur Eliasson.

Heartland Future Talks is an initiative created with the intention of focusing on the future that we already live in. The news stream is challenged by the hunt for likes, shares, and fake news. We need more knowledge in our conversations about the world’s development – and we need inspiration. Since 2018, Heartland, in collaboration with Lundbeckfonden, has invited some of the greatest scientists, researchers, and experts onto the stage to discuss subjects that affect our shared future.  It is these people who have the best foundation for evaluating the course of the future and that’s why they need to play an important role in the conversation.

The Future Talks stage has been visited by Judith Butler, who spoke about the future of gender politics; Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen about the future of life in space; chef and Masterchef judge Jakob Mielcke and food scientist Jonathan Leer about the changes in the culture of meat, and much more. You can find all previous Future Talks as podcasts here.