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Camping Pass – EN

Camping Pass

Camping Pass

To gain access to and stay the night on the camping area, you must have a valid and personal camping pass. This must be shown at the entrance of the camping area along with a valid festival bracelet. In other words, a camping pass must be purchased for each person staying in the camping area and is only valid when a festival bracelet can be shown as well. 


When using your own tent, a camping pass must be purchased – one per person.  


When purchasing a Caravan-pass or Igloo Tent, a camping pass will automatically be added to your purchase. You just need to remember to choose how many camping passes are needed.  


When purchasing either the Tent House-, Mini-Lodge, Boutique Tent- or the 1-Night B&B package, all the camping passes that you need are included.  


NB! Children up to 12 years who are accompanied by an adult with a camping pass can enter the camping area without a camping pass. Children who are 13 years or older must have their own camping pass.