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Camping Pass – EN

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Camping Pass

Camping Pass

Everyone who wishes to sleep at the camping-area has to have a individual camping pass. The camping pass has to be shown at the entrance to the camping-area together with a festival wristband. The camping pass is personal, and must be purchase per person and not per tent, or Caravan (with the only exception for Tenthouse, Mini Lodgde and Boutique Tent). With a camping pass you also have the opportunity to pitch your own tent.   


When you buy your sleeping accommodations, the camping pass will automatically be included, to avoid forgetting the purchase of the camping pass. Therefore, please remember not to buy your camping pass separately, but in the right combination of your choice of accommodations. If you brought your private tent, then you can buy the camping pass separately.   


Attention: Children up until the age of 12 years old can enter the camping area without a camping pass accompanied by an adult. Children above the age of 13 years will need their own camping pass.