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Guests with Disabilities

Practical Info /

Guests with Disabilities

Everyone is welcome at Heartland. If you have special needs, you can find information here about the conditions at Heartland. If you have questions or suggestions as to how we might improve our disability conditions at the festival, then you are more than welcome to contact us via  


Wheelchairs with a valid membership certificate from Danske Handicaporganisationers Brugerservice (Danish Handicap Organisations User-Service) can buy a wheelchair ticket to Heartland Festival. The certificate must be shown at the entrance to the festival. As a wheelchair-user, you must contact Ticketmaster’s customer service by calling 3848 1633 to order a wheelchair ticket. This is to ensure that we have the necessary toilet facilities for wheelchair users.

Note that there is no extra fee when purchasing a wheelchair ticket. This ticket allows you to bring one escort free of charge. For practical reasons, there are a limited number of wheelchair tickets available.

Guests with handicaps that do not require a wheelchair, but who would like to be accompanied by an escort, can buy a normal festival ticket, and thereafter show a valid escort certificate at the festival entrance.


There are a limited number of handicap parking spaces marked close to the entrance to the festival. Parking spaces marked with a wheelchair symbol can only be used if you have a visible and valid parking card issued by Dansk Handicaporganisationer (Danish Handicap Organisations). If you have trouble finding these parking spaces, you can ask our parking attendants for assistance. They will help you find the handicap parking spaces or a sufficient alternative for you and your escort. Handicap parking is free at Heartland Festival.


Toilet facilities/
Handicap toilets can be found in the camping area, next to Highland Stage and by the main entrance. You can find them by using our map in the Heartland app or ask one of our service attendants.


Heartland Festival takes place on uneven terrain with grass, gravel, and hills. In some cases, this may make it challenging to get around the festival area. If it happens to rain during the festival, it should be expected that getting around the festival area may be even more challenging.


Assistive Devices/
All assistive devices are allowed. If you need help to keep medicine refrigerated or need electricity to charge various assistive vehicles, you can contact us via


We do not have any platforms at our concerts for disabled guests, but there is often a great deal of room in the area around the stage so everyone can to see. In our two talks-tents there are spaces reserved for wheelchair users and their escorts. If you wish to use wheelchair seats, the seating personnel at the entrance of the tent must be informed. Heartland unfortunately does not have teleloops or other devices available for hearing impaired guests.


Guests are not permitted to stay the night in their car. For this to be legally approved, the car must be approved as a sleeping unit and furnished with sleeping facilities. Furthermore, the car must be placed in the festival’s caravan area of the camping grounds, according to fire regulations that require separation between motorized vehicles and sleeping areas. To stay the night in an approved car, guests must purchase a caravan ticket and one camping pass per guest staying overnight. Camping products can be purchased here.