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When is Heartland 2023?
Heartland 2023 takes place from June 8th – 10th, 2023 at Egeskov.  

Where can I see the latest news regarding Heartland 2023? 
You can sign up to our newsletter here. Furthermore, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where we will continuously be sharing the latest news stories about the festival and the Heartland 2023 program. 

Where can I find the festival program?
The festival program will be announced simultaneously on our website. 

Where can I sign up to become a Heartworker/volunteer?
You can sign up to become a volunteer at Heartland here and read more about what it means to be a Heartworker. As a volunteer you can either work 20 hours before the festival, 12 hours during the festival or 12 hours after. Write to 

Is there a grocery store on the festival grounds?
There are unfortunately no stores on the festival grounds. The closest grocery store is SuperBrugsen in Kværndrup. On the camping grounds, the embassy of the municipality of Faaborg-Midtfyn offers toothpaste, shampoo, sanitary pads, and similar articles. 

Is the festival accessible for guests with disabilities?
Read more about Heartlands adjustments for disabled guests here 


Can I get a refund if I have a ticket to Heartland 2023 that I don’t need?
No, unfortunately we do not offer refunds.  

Can I resell my 2023 Heartland ticket?
Yes, but we recommend that you do so through Ticketmaster’s FanGuarantee, so the tickets are passed on to the next person correctly.  

Do I need to print my ticket? 
No, it is not necessary to print your ticket. You can just show your ticket on your PC, smartphone or tablet.  

What is a Local Ticket?
Local Tickets are a type of ticket for guests that live in the Faaborg-Midtfyn municipality. If you live in this area, then you can get 30% discount on full festival- 2-day and 1-day tickets. Read more about Local Tickets here. 

What is a Under25 Ticket?
For guests under the age of 25 we offer a limited number of full festival-, 2-day and 1-day tickets with a 25% discount. To buy a Under25 Ticket it is required that you are born after June 10th, 1998.  Read more about Under25 Tickets here 

What is a Wonderland Ticket?
Wonderland is an area of Heartland where you can get the extra service you wouldn’t expect at a festival, and where you have access to an exclusive area of the festival.
  Read more about Wonderland Tickets here 

Is it possible to buy tickets to the festival at the entrance?
You can always buy tickets at the festival if the tickets aren’t sold out. However, tickets must be bought via a personal Ticketmaster account.  

Transport and

Is it possible to park my car, motorcycle, or other motor vehicles at the festival?
Yes, there are plenty of parking options for various motor vehicles around the festival grounds. There is free parking by Kværndrup Station where shuttlebuses will be driving to and from the festival. It is also possible to park in our paid parking lot in front of the main entrance of Heartland. 

Can I buy a parking space?
It is possible to buy a parking space in our paid parking lot in front of the main entrance of Heartland. Parking cannot yet be purchased. 

Are there buses from Copenhagen, Aarhus or Odense that drive directly to Heartland?
There are no buses from Copenhagen, Aarhus or Odense that drive directly to the festival. It is possible however to take the train to Kværndrup Station and take a shuttlebus to the festival from there.  

Is there free parking?
Yes, there is free parking by Kværndrup Station – see the map here. There are shuttlebuses that can take you from the free parking aera to the festival.  

Camping and accommodation

Can I change my purchased camping product (e.g., tent house, igloo, or caravan pass) to a different camping product?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the purchased camping product. But you are welcome to sell the one you have and purchase a new camping option. We recommend that you do this through Ticketmaster FanGuarantee here. Note that almost all the pre-pitched accommodation options are sold out.

Can I resell my tent or can I get it refunded?
You can resell your tent. We recommend that you do so through Ticketmaster FanGuarantee here. It is unfortunately not possible to refund your purchase.

Can I buy a camping product without a camping pass?
You can buy a caravan pass, tent house or igloo tent without purchasing a camping pass. However, you do need a camping pass to get into the camping area. For example, if you are staying in a pre-pitched igloo tent then you need to purchase both the igloo tent and a camping pass. 

Do I need to buy a camping pass if I have my own tent with me?
Everyone staying in the camping area must have a camping pass. If you bring your own tent and would let to stay in the camping area, then you must have purchased a camping pass beforehand. Camping passes can be purchased here. All camping passes are personal, meaning that if you are 2 guests in your tent, then you will need 2 camping passes.  

When do I need to leave the camping area, tent house, igloo tent, etc.?
The camping area closes Sunday, June 11th at 12.00 pm. By this time, all guests must have left the camping area, taken their tents down and disposed of their trash.


Is it okay to bring children to Heartland?
Yes! At Heartland we are very fond of children. So much in fact, that we have made a mini festival for children called Hjerteland. You can read more about it here

Are there changing tables at Heartland?
No, there are unfortunately no changing tables.  

Is it possible to bring strollers, etc. to the festival?
We love children at Heartland, so of course we allow strollers to be brought into the festival grounds. However, be aware that there are hills and a great deal of grass lawns at the festival, so we recommend that you bring a stroller that is good in such terrain.