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Heartland Podcast: Etienne Augé & Thore Husfeldt

Heartland Podcast: Etienne Augé & Thore Husfeldt



In summer 2018 scholar and writer Etienne Augé met with professor of computer science Thore Husfeldt at Heartland. In front of a live audience the two discussed science fiction and how it has, and will shape the future.


The talk is part of Heartland’s Future Talks program, which was created to invite scientists and theorists into the public conversation and make us all take an interest in the future. In this case the technological and digital future.


As an associate professor of Rotterdam University Augé researches and analyses science fiction and how it affects our presence and future. Thore Husfeldt is an expert on algorithms and he often participates in the public debate about digitization and what this means for our society.


The two discuss if science fiction is creating a dystopian future. There have been several examples where works of science fiction has predicted the future – cloning, artificial intelligence, surveillance and so on – but is science fiction only predicting or is it actually shaping and creating the future. And maybe even a dystopian one, which many works of science fiction depict.


The two participants discuss if science fiction is the new realism and how technology depicted in fiction have the ability to make us aware of the dangers and how it can make us take a moral stand to avoid a dystopian future.


The conversation is moderated by radio host and tech expert Christiane Vejlø.


Future Talks is supported by Lundbeckfonden.


We hope you’ll enjoy this episode of Heartland Podcast.

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