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Igloo Tent – EN

Accommodation /

Igloo Tent

Pre-pitched Igloo Tent

If you want to avoid all the practical stuff and wish a smooth camping experience, you can purchase a pre-pitched lgloo Tent. The tent will be ready for you when you arrive. You will receive your ID-number for you tent and camping pass at the entrance.   


Important information about the iglo tents:   


  • Bring your own sleeping pad, mattresses, sleeping bags etc.   
  • Igloo Tents can be brought home after the festival   
  • The pre-pitched Igloo Tents have a dimensions of 2,2 x 2,0 m.  


Please note that a camping pass is not included in the Igloo Tent-package – the right amount of camping passes needed, can easily be added when you make the purchase.