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Mini Lodge – EN

Mini Lodge

Mini Lodge (2 persons)

If you want it to wake up in a comfortable bed, in your own, private, small log cabin, then you can have the full experience, with our Mini Lodge! Our Mini Lodge is (2.4 x 1.6 x 1.9 m) with solid floor and includes: 


  • 2 guest beds with mattresses (can be moved together into one large)  
  • Duvets and pillows with bedding  
  • Towels Bedside table and lamp  
  • Space for luggage Built-in power for e.g. telephone, computer or hair
  • dryer Lockable entrance area 


Please note that camping passes are included in the Mini Lodge package. It is not possible to purchase one or two extra guest beds. 


Our Mini Lodges are part of Hotel Heartland, which means that in addition to the facilities of the lodge, you have the following included in the price:  


  • Breakfast  
  • Dedicated reception with 24/7 guest service  
  • Dedicated toilet and shower conditions incl. access to hair dryer and mirrors  
  • Lounge area with smaller cafe service 
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