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Heartland Podcast #52: Jonathan Franzen

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Heartland Podcast #52:
Jonathan Franzen

On last year’s Heartland the world renowned American novelist Jonathan Franzen met with Danish journalist and editor Martin Krasnik in front of a live audience in the festival’s Talks tent. In the conversation you are about to hear, Franzen attempts to answer and discuss the question of whether or not literature can survive technology. The conversation contains everything from Franzen’s passion for birds to climate change and how all of this is connected to the way we use and consume technology. Jonathan Franzen got his international breakthrough in 2001 with the novel The Corrections, for which he received the prestigious National Book Award. The book was translated into 35 languages and became an international bestseller. In 2010 he published Freedom which became an instant bestseller and prompted TIME Magazine to describe Franzen as The Great American novelist.

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