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Heartland Podcast: Rasmus Boserup & Natasha Lindstaedt

Heartland Podcast: Rasmus Boserup & Natasha Lindstaedt

This episode of Heartland Podcast is in english.


At Heartland 2019 Rasmus Boserup met with Natasha Lindstaedt to discuss the future of democracies and autocracies. In front of a live audience in the festival’s Future Talks tent the two participants present how they view the status of world in terms of separation of power.


Rasmus Boserup is the executive director of EuroMed Rights – an organization that represent 80 human rights organizations that focus on strengthening human rights and democracy reforms in Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa. Boserup has previously worked as an academic researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies and has written several books on Danish foreign policy and the Arab Spring.


Natascha Lindstaedt is a professor of the University of Essex and is an expert on authoritarian regimes, international development and third world politics. She has written several works about dictatorships, corruption and failed states. She is a frequently used as an expert on networks such as CNN, BBC World and Al Jazeera.


In this conversation the participants discuss how many places in the world is moving further and further away from democracy and towards a centralization of power. Why are autocrats such as Putin and Erdogan gaining more and more power and what happed to the Arab world after the Arab Spring – these are some of the questions the participants attempt to answer and discuss.

Future Talks 2019 was supported by Lundbeckfonden.

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