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Practical info

Info /

The camping area / 

When you arrive at the festival, follow the signs “Camping entrance” from the main entrance. 


NOTE: All check-in takes place at the main entrance. 


Water records / 

There will be water posts to be found at the festival site.


Bathing facilities / 

If you live in our camping area, Dreamland, there are free bathing facilities.


Disability conditions / 

All practical info about disability conditions at Heartland will be available here soon as possible.


Opening hours / 


Payment methods / 

Cashless festival


Heartland is a cashless festival, i.e., that it is not possible to use cash or buy cash cards at the festival in 2023. It is only possible to pay with common Danish and international payment cards. Please note that it will not be possible to pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay or MobilePay.NOTE: The fact that Heartland is a cashless festival also means that there are no ATMs on the festival grounds.


NOTE: The fact that Heartland is a cashless festival also means that there are no ATMs on the festival site this year. Read more here.  

App / 

Get the whole Heartland in your pocket with our app. Get an overview of the festival program and choose your favorites. The app is constantly updated. Download the app here on iOS or on Android.


Take care of your ears / 

On the square you can find earplugs from Safe-Ears in all our street robes.


Mobile charging /

If you do not want to leave your phone at a charging station when it needs to be charged, you can use Volt. At Volt, you get a pocket-friendly mobile charger that allows you to charge your phone while you are on the go. When the charger is empty, it can be easily and conveniently replaced with a new one. You can find Volt at both entrances – at the Dreamland campsite in our container shed and in the official cloakroom inside the festival site at Secret Gardens.

Pledge, packaging and glass / 


Mortgage /
We want to take good care of the green surroundings. Therefore, we hope you will all help us keep Heartland clean and tidy. Pledge can be refunded at the pawn shop located at Talkfield. In the bars you can swap 1: 1. However, wine glasses must be exchanged in a bar with the same range of glasses. It is therefore not possible, for example, to hand in wine glasses that have not been purchased at Heartland. A maximum of 10 units can be handed in per. person. It is only in the pawn shop that you can get paid money for the mortgage.


There is a mortgage on the following: 

  • Wine glass (21.5 cl. Taste glass, purchased from Heartland): DKK 5
  • Wine bottles (ordinary wine bottles and Vinhanens bottles with print): DKK 20
  • Cider bottles: DKK 20
  • Craft beer bottles: DKK 5

There is no mortgage on the following:  

  • Disposable packaging
  • Beer mug
  • Cocktail glass
  • One-time service Coffee cups Cans (camping only)
  • Water bottles

Garbage sorting /

We have set up different rubbish bins and encourage you to sort your waste into the following categories:

  • Biowaste
  • Residual waste
  • Plastic


Children / 

We encourage all parents and guardians to exercise common sense and caution: make sure to protect the little ears properly and avoid bringing very young children too close to the stages during concerts. Children from 0-12 years must have a children ticket. There are two types of children’s tickets; one for children from 0 to 5 years and one for children from 6 to 12 years – children between 0-12 years do not need a camping pass. Children 13 and up must have regular festival tickets, also to the campsite where a camping pass is required.


Lost and found / 

Heartland has a lost property office on the festival site where you can contact if you have lost your phone, jacket or anything else. The office is located at the Heartworker area, at the camping entrance to the festival site. Immediately after Heartland, all lost property is transferred to the police lost property office: The lost property office, Funen Police Rugårdsvej 103C 5000 Odense C Tel. 114

Rules of Procedure / 

Read our rules of order carefully – then we will ensure a good festival for all of us!


Alcohol and tobacco / 

Remember to bring your ID and take it as a compliment if asked, for who will not be young again? Young people under the age of 18 can neither buy alcohol nor tobacco.


Drugs / 

We all know that it’s stupid – but if you are still offered or see someone who ingests or sells drugs at the festival site or camping area, contact one of our guards immediately, as it is absolutely not allowed.


Gas cartridges / 

We can agree that large helium balloons are beautiful – but relax and sit back and we will make sure to decorate! It is not permitted to use gas cartridges in the festival and camping area.


Behavior / 

Things we love: Big smiles, group hugs and high spirits. Things we do not love: Violence, racism, sexism and discrimination of all kind. If you are exposed to this type of behavior or see others being exposed to that kind, contact our guards immediately.

Food and drinks / 

We have taken care of everything you need inside the square, but should you still need to pop a champagne e ller enjoy your bean pie in peace and quiet, then it is allowed out on the camping area.


Umbrellas / 

Pray to the weather gods, send a ladybug to the weather and cross your fingers for sunshine! Should it happen that the weather is not with us, pack your rainwear and we will meet for a rain dance instead. Umbrellas are not allowed on the festival site.


Open fire / 

You are welcome to light a cigarette for her or him the sweet one you meet along the way, but otherwise open fire in the festival and camping area is not allowed.


Pets / 

Grab your loved ones so they can take care of your loved ones while you are away – pets are not allowed.

Furniture /

At the camping area, you may sit back with a beer in the cup holder, but you may not take the chairs into the festival site. We should probably make sure that there are soft, hard, large and small seats for everyone’s taste in the square.


Bags (at the festival site) / 

Leave the large bag at home so you are more flexible if you can not stand still when the music is playing. If you still dare to take the chance and lug a large bag with you, expect that you will have to stand in line for a little longer to get it inspected.


Photo and video equipment / 

We know you want to immortalize and share all the good memories at the festival, but also remember to be present in the moment and enjoy the experiences without your mobile in hand. In any case, if you want to share it anyway, then it is allowed with your mobile and video/photo cameras in pocket sizes. Selfiesticks are not allowed, but we are sure you have trained the selfie arm, or can ask people for help with a good photo. Tape recorders, camcorders and professional cameras are not allowed without press accreditation.


Any violation of the rules of order in its entirety may result in reprimand, expulsion and / or police report. If a young person under the age of 18 does not comply with the rules of order, in addition to the above-mentioned sanctions, it will be possible to notify the relevant authorities and parents.