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About Heartland /


Goals for 2026

Our ambitions for 2026 are concrete and quantifiable and aim to follow the global commitments agreed in the Paris Agreement, combined with the shared, specific goals we have set within Live Nation. To reach these, we need to achieve several sub-goals described in what follows. Furthermore, we will meet several other objectives to realise many different sustainability outcomes. Therefore, this document consists of an overall goal and several sub-goals, as well as a number of areas and tools we will utilise. Our objectives from 2022 to 2026 are briefly described below. By 2026 we will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% compared to the 2019 level. To achieve this, we will do the following:


• Reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and reduce annual diesel consumption by 50% (or more) by 2026.


• Reduce the total amount of waste per guest by 20% in 2022 (measured in kg. per guest per year), and reduce overall waste incineration by 50% by 2026.


• By 2022: Convert to cups made of recycled plastic (rPET) that can be recycled again after use.


• Work with our supply chain to improve the accountability and sustainability of food procurement. Heartland will serve 90-100% organic ingredients and meals. The meals in 2022 will be at least 80% plant-based and at most 20% animal-based.


• Promote the use of drinking water and water from Danish water supplies by installing water stations at the festival, using modern toilets and washing facilities, and promoting the consumption of drinking water and the use of recyclable drinks containers at the festival.


• Convert all partnerships to focus on sustainability. 50% of Heartland’s partnerships will centre around sustainability in 2022. In 2023 that will be 75%, and 100% in 2024. We will work together with the industry to share experiences (positive and negative) about the changes we are making.


• Purchase locally on Funen and in Denmark to strengthen the local economy, limit the transportation of services and goods, and comply with European and international environmental standards.


• Work together with our guests, audiences, partners, suppliers, and artists to positively influence behaviour and travel choices, and reduce travel-related emissions.


• Promote equality and cultural diversity by implementing strategies and objectives for gender balance, recruitment, programming, and the organisation’s composition, implementing a code of conduct for good behaviour, and incorporating ”fair trade” into our procurement policy and collaborations with local partners.


• Communicate clearly and engagingly about our initiatives and actions to inspire as much as possible. We will share our experiences externally and work towards new, sustainable industry standards where relevant.


• Measure our consumption and share information to enable annual reporting for the festival and the industry.

Stemningsbillede af gæster på Heartland Festival der nyder vejret og oplevelserne på festivalen