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With Heartland’s food program we want to open the door to a world where food is magical, damn tasty, and most important of all: responsible and sustainable – from root to plate.

Heartland is one of Denmark’s most beautiful food culture experiences, deeply rooted in the terroir of Funen with an international twist. It must be beautiful, life-affirming, community forming, and it must contribute to making the world a better place.

Heartland works towards being able to offer a food selection where a large part of the produce are locally sourced combined with a focus on a plant-based universe without having to compromis on the experience.

The goal is no food waste. In addition, 90-100% of the compostable waste is collected and recycled.

At the center of Heartland’s food program you’ll find our food stage, Tasteland. Tasteland functions as a vast gastronomic playground. It’s an area at Heartland dedicated to communicating and presenting the newest international food trends, local craftsmanship, and everything in between. Here our guests get to taste, smell, feel, discuss, see and listen.