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About Heartland

About Heartland /

Heartland combines live talks and contemporary art with the greatest things from the music and food scene.


Heartland Festival takes place in stunning surroundings at Egeskov on the island of Funen. The festival combines an international programme with MUSIC, ART, TALKS, and FOOD, hereby presenting an extended festival format on Danish soil.

Since the very beginning, Heartland has been highlighting a broad variety of cultures that venture through the ecstatic, the challenging, and the cathartic – simultaneously exploring the gastronomic evolution, political entanglements, and both new and old strains of music. Heartland is deeply rooted in and committed to the local community surrounded by Egeskov and all of Funen, from which it emerged in 2016.

Programming across MUSIC, ART, TALKS, and FOOD supports a multitude of voices, backgrounds, expertise, and perspectives. Heartland is presenting all forms of music, hosts talks questioning every aspect of life, curate art the demonstrate conviction, and dare to experiment with the entire concept of food. Our work reaches out to all corners of the globe to explore and explode wildly different approaches to a contemporary festivals.   


Heartland of course would not be a proper festival without MUSIC. Knowing how important the music is to our guests, it is our ambition to introduce a mix of international superstars as well new strains of the Danish music scene when the programme is being put together.

Previous years at Heartland include names such as Solange, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Good, The Bad & The Queen, and Die Antwoord.  


Although festivals usually are not associated with other institutions such as galleries and museums, ART is nonetheless a special part of Heartland’s identity. The aim is to present art from established as well as promising international and Danish artists to elaborate on the contrasts between contemporary art, an open-air space, and a 16th-century castle. What happens when art moves out of the institutions and merges with the crowd of festivalgoers at Egeskov?  

Some of the artists presented at Heartland through the years count Brian Eno, Jeremy Deller, Hesselholdt & Mejlvang, Olafur Eliasson, Wolfgang Tillmans, David Shrigley, Henrik Vibskov, Jeanette Ehlers.  


One of Heartland’s core values is to engage our guests and provide new perspectives for viewing the world. This we hope to achieve through another very important part of Heartland’s identity: our TALKS programme. Danish and international participants are invited to discuss and address ideas, problems, and solutions relating to the time and the world we inhabit.

We have had the pleasure of international names such as Slavoj Zizek, Judith Butler, Salman Rushdie, Jonathan Franzen, and Vivienne Westwood joining us at our TALKS stages.


Our ambition to create unique eating experiences with an emphasis on local produce and exclusive quality is what drives us to bring FOOD to the table at Heartland. Of course, everyone has to eat when attending a festival, but at Heartland, we are not content with just filling stomachs. By inviting a vast range of chefs, culinary experts, and food entrepreneurs to join us at Egeskov, we encourage our guests to think about and enjoy food in new exciting ways.

Some memorable names from our FOOD programme are Claus Meyer, Jesper Gøtz, David Zilber, Frederik Bille-Brahe, Sine Klejs, Thomas Rode, Kong Hans Kælder, Jasper Koch, Mette Martinussen.  

See you at Heartland