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At Heartland we strive to present an original selection of music, consisting of a multifarious composition of international and Danish artists. It is important that the musical line-up reflects our ambition to work actively with diversity. You can therefore expect an equal distribution of female and male artists.

Our main goal when curating music for the festival is to create a sense of community through and around it.


There is something for fans of both the modern and the more traditional music scene. On our biggest stage, Greenfield, one of the main ambitions is to give our guests the opportunity to experience artists and bands that rarely touch Danish ground but still have a broad and loyal audience.

Greenfield presents big, international stars and icons from previous generations as well as some of the biggest Danish artists. In the past we’ve had the pleasure of presenting artists such as Eddie Vedder, Patti Smith & Her Band, LCD Soundsystem, Die Antwoord, The Minds of 99, The Smashing Pumpkins, Solange, Van Morrison, The National, and more.


Even though Greenfield has housed some of the biggest artists, there have also been some heavy hitters on our second largest stage, Highland. Here you can find Danish and international artists with both broad and narrow appeal.

Highland has been visited by artists and bands such as Charlotte Gainsbourg, Connan Mockasin, Jada, Hans Philip, C. V. Jørgensen, and more.


Situated in a forest clearing close to the water, the third stage, Diorama, hosts an array of concerts by promising young Danish artists and bands. This is where you will experience artists that you perhaps have read about once or twice, and that you most likely will continue to hear more about in the future. Here you can discover new music and get that special feeling of having uncovered something new and exciting. On this stage, we’ve welcomed talents such as Chinah, Goss, Jada, and more.


Backroads is our new stage dedicated to country, blues, americana and folk music. In addition to the hand-played tunes, the new Backroads area will focus on creating a unique atmosphere and food and drink experiences that support the music and the hilly terrain by the lakeside.

This summer we have the pleasure to present Dylan Gossett, The War and Treaty, Aoife O’Donovan, Folkeklubben and more.