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Heartleader (EN)

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Would you like to have more responsibility?

Become a Heartleader

At Heartland it is possible to expand your volunteering efforts as a Heartleader. Our Heartleaders are given a great deal of responsibility during the festival and are co-creators of the good volunteer experience.

As a Heartleader you are given a project or an area, that you will help to execute. Maybe you are the coolest bar manager, love to set tents up, are great at building entryways, serving food or something completely different?

If you are interested in becoming a Heartleader at Heartland festival, you are more than welcome to sign up here. Together we can find the perfect role for you.

Heartland believes that diversity is a huge strength, and we encourage everyone, regardless of age, gender, religion, or ethnic background to come and join us.

If you are interested in the position, then you are welcome to write to We will contact you with more information about your potential new role at Heartland Festival.

Become a Heartworker Coordinator

At Heartland it is expand your volunteering efforts as a Heartworker Coordinator. Our Heartworker Coordinators are linked to a section of the festival. You will act as the intermediary between the volunteers that are within your section and the Section Leader/Heartworker Office.

In the time up towards the festival we will have meetings where we educate and prepare all our coordinators for their management tasks.


The position consists of the following tasks:

/Be a part of planning shifts and coordination of sections.
/Sending all communication material (handbook, FAQ, Terms & Conditions)
/Being available to answer the volunteers’ questions and coordinating with Heartworker Office/the Section Leaders when necessary.
/Writing to the volunteers before the festival, explaining their specific tasks during their shifts and providing the most necessary information.
/Being available during the volunteers’ shifts.